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Welcome to Discover Creo Mundos World!

What is Creo Mundos!? It is Latin for "Create (new) Worlds" a fitting concept for this project; Discover Creating New Worlds, but a lot shorter for the website URL.

This virtual world is open and growing. It is to be a demo world for Real World application much like a World Fair in which you can participate.

This place demonstrates the tools that can be used for meeting presentations, educational environments using classrooms or immersive learning, commercial applications and much more. It takes some time to create a virtual world and put in the things that make it work and happen. So if it appears to be a bit barren, stop by again a few weeks!

Project Mission
Discovery of the future depends on what you can create today.

Apply what is possible in a virtual world now. Expand and showcase many ways in how a virtual world can be applied to real world applications:

  • Business - Create and operate an online store selling real world goods. All the benefits of a brick and mortar store, at a fraction of the expense with world wide access to it!
  • Education - Be able to hold classes for students like a real classroom, or move into immersive learning environments for any subject.
  • Training - Any form of training process can be done using a virtual world. This was done by the MOSES project for training USA soldiers at a fraction of the cost compared to live training. Such training can also be done for disaster response training and whatever else may be needed!
  • Art - From a simple art gallery to a full immersive 3D art experience, all is possible here at nearly no cost!
  • Book Authors - The imagination is your limit! Try an immersive tour in your book, either as the character, or a personal journey in the story! Great for introduction tour of the book.
  • And much more.
The imagination is the limitation; What do you see, what can you create?

Amazon posted a new shopping experience in 3D Amazon Kiosks for their online stores. This is a prime example of business direction online which can be done far better in the existing virtual world technology we have now.

Group Meeting Times and Locations

The Discover Group meeting had to be cancelled. Next meeting to be determined.

The next Discover Group meeting will be on Friday Aug. 24 at 9 am PDT or grid time. Location will be posted here as soon as it is set up!

The next Discover Group meeting will be on Friday July 27 at 24 am PDT or grid time. Location will be at .

NOTE: Meeting for June 7 cancelled, as I have to be out of town, and unable to host the meeting.

The Marketplace Development group meeting will be held here in world, on Thursday Sept. 10 at 11:00am PDT or grid time. NOTE: Day change! I have to be away on Friday, but we need to discuss more about the Category and subcategory entries Myra has put in.

The Group meetings had to be put on hold until work on Mundos Market can be resumed, while the MyWorld programming is being advanced for the existing world web sites.

World Owners group meeting Friday Jul. 23 at 11:00am PDT or grid time. Group discussion and business actions.

The Marketplace Development group meeting will be held here in world, on Friday Jul. 30 at 11:00am PDT or grid time. Those who are interested in helping with or being part of this project are welcome to join in.

Project Fund Raising

The Project Funding provides the way for getting funding to improve the Halcyon world simulator programming for the benefit of all who use it. This funding had been provided in the past by the InWorldz owners before it collapsed. Now with several operating worlds and their residents in place, we collectively need to replace and exceed the funding to keep our own future open and growing.

Funds listed will only be applied to the projects they are targeting when their goals are reached. We are based on and support commercial enterprise in virtual worlds, so it is reasonable that we fund the development and advancement of the software that makes it possible to run our businesses. All may contribute to the funds listed in the page found in Support, Project Funds.

Why Discover Creo Mundos?

Three components are required to allow virtual worlds to expand and grow:

  1. Stable expandable grid software that can be configured and allow growth in any portion for Database inventory and Assets handling as well as expansion of land in the world. This is what Halcyon provides.
  2. Website interface for world management and access. The MyWorld project provides this as a starting point. The MyWorld Source website toolkit provides a website interface and management for a Halcyon based world. This site is using it.
  3. Inter-world Marketplace where content creators may set up and sell products for the virtual worlds. This will be based on Halcyon and compatible world environments that support and maintain content integrity and permission based use. Associated with the Marketplace will need to be a Better Business Bureau to handle the issues related to transactions with the marketplace and DMCA for pilfered contents. Discover Creo Mundos will be the home world for the Marketplace. Name of the marketplace is Mundos Market - Many Worlds Market.
World Update Status

World is running on Halcyon-0.9.45.
Full list of features posted at HalcyonGrid Github.

Starting avatar additions / replacements would be appreciated and can be Ad options for your marketplace content.

2/2/2018 Discover World is up and running! 10 regions of area are open for public access and demonstration of what is possible to accomplish in a virtual world to be built.

10/10/2021 Added an additional region server +10 region expansion to better handle oar transfers and put in 3 open sea regions on the south side of the island.

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