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Discover Creo Mundos provides the Discover World. This is a project where those who are content creators, grid software developers and grid owners meet to discuss how to advance the virtual world environment and to expand it beyond entertainment use. There are many ways the Virtual World technology can be applied in real world business, education and training, art, virtual tours and much more.

Come in and visit, see what is possible - and what may help you!

This site and world is hosted by the "MyWorld" project solely for aid in the advancement of virtual worlds. There is no specific company involved with this project. It is intended only to be a place to meet, and share ideas and demo the ways in which the world can be used in every day real world application. A place dedicated to what is possible where the imagination is the only significant limitation. Like a world's fair for the best we have done in any world so far!

Discover Creo Mundos was created Jan. 2018 by virtual world owners and merchants to advance virtual worlds and their uses.

Virtual World Options

There are a number of virtual worlds that are lively places to visit, generally focused on entertainment. These are Second Life®, and a number of worlds (to many to list here) based on the OpenSimulator (OpenSim) source code, providing some limited of compatibility with the Second Life® world. From this project, several branches have been taken for as many diverging purposes as was required for them. It may all depend on what will work best for what you want to accomplish or to do for which simulator option to use.

All the world simulators you can install yourself, come with limited content. While you can create a world and lands in it, it is really a blank sandbox waiting for your designs to be put in it and who will be interested in sharing it with you!

While Discover Creo Mundos is open for many virtual world platform development concepts and promotion, several projects are only for the support and use of the Halcyon Simulator and the web worlds as far as is possible.

The Halcyon projects include:
The multi-world Marketplace which may include the web world technologies. Website is currently in design stage.
My World website front end for Halcyon worlds, providing world management and user access to your world. This project also provides the website for Discover Creo Mundos.

Open Simulator Project

OpenSim project provides the software to be able to create a full operational virtual world easy to set up and to explore. Several contributions may be found on its website for world website creation and extensions based on several popular platforms. There are a lot of sources for world content, mostly free that may be obtained for use in any world.

Halcyon Simulator Project

InWorldz (2010 - 2018) was a world that was derived from the OpenSim project in 2010. InWorldz was aimed at creating a stable world that would support full commercial operation like Second Life® but at a much lower cost. InWorldz development team designed from the start to be able to provide what they created with the simulator to be used in wider applications beyond InWorldz. This resulted in the creation of the Halcyon Simulator software released in 2016 on Github. Halcyon can be used to setup a commercial world operation suitable for uses where user security is needed, commercial applications. While work on its setup is underway to make it easy to do, it does require knowledge of server management and website construction. It has some compatibility with OpenSim backups as OAR (Object ARchive) files of regions that are based on the 256x256M region sizes only.

Halcyon is able to support huge amounts of asset management for in-world content, and hundreds of thousands of users distributed over thousands of region spaces. It all depends on what your world will expect to have in it.

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